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10 Best Closet Organizers for 2022

belt organizer closet organizer handbag organizer

If you are looking to get yourself more organized this year, a closet organizer is a great way to keep your closet looking neat and tidy. Keep reading as we share ten of the best closet organizers which are ideal for use in any home.


  1. 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

This 3-shelf hanging closet organizer is ideal for adding to any closet, wardrobe, or RV, and you’ll find that it’s great for storing t-shirts, towels, and other accessories. One of the things we like the most about this product is that it has a small strip at the front of each shelf which stops items from slipping off. You can machine wash the organizer, and it’s lightweight and portable for storing when not in use.


  1. ELYPRO Belt Organizer

 ELYPRO Belt Organizer

Belts are one of those crucial accessories we all need, but they can soon get in the way and make a mess in your closet. The Belt Organizer is a unique storage solution that allows you to roll up your belts and store them with only a tiny amount of space. As well as using this solution for belts, you could use it for jewelry, candy, watches, and bow ties, as you’ll always be able to see what’s on display from the outside.


  1. Clear Handbag Organizers

 clear purse storage

For anyone who always finds small accessories and socks hanging around their closet floor, these four clear handbag organizers will help to tidy up your space. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can pack away almost any item while still seeing what’s inside the bag.


  1. Amazon Basics Hanging Closet Shelf


We aren’t all lucky enough to have huge closets to store all of our belongings. If you are short of space, invest in this hanging closet shelf. It will give you plenty of extra storage options and ensure you can keep all of your clothing items neat and tidy.


  1. Sock and Underwear Organizer

 Drawer organizer

One of the most challenging areas to organize in your closet is your sock and underwear drawer. This three-pack of sock and underwear organizers offers you an individual space for each pair. You’ll no longer be left searching high and low for your favorite pair of socks, as you’ll find them neatly displayed in your new closet organizer.


  1. Cascading Hangers

 Cascading Hangers

We were incredibly impressed by these cascading hangers, which help to keep your items free from creases. You can hang them in a variety of ways based on the shape and size of your closet. They’ll keep dozens of your favorite clothing items off the floor and ensure you always have a shirt or blouse ready to wear.


  1. Drawer Storage Organizer Unit

 Closet drawer unit

When you add this three-drawer fabric storage organizer to your closet or bedroom, you’ll find you suddenly have a lot more storage space. It has a contemporary and minimal look that goes with almost any home décor, so it’s versatile for use anywhere in your house.


  1. 3-Tier Shoe Rack

 shoe rack


Instead of just piling your shoes on the floor of your closet, you can keep them neatly organized with this three-tier shoe rack. It offers plenty of space and height for any type of shoes, and you’ll find that it keeps your shoes and closet floor in top condition for longer.


  1. Shelf Dividers


While shelves are essential for any good closet, there’s no denying they can be tough to keep organized. These shelf dividers will separate your clothing, so you’ll easily be able to see where your favorite sweater or t-shirt is each morning. You can also use these to separate books or handbags, which will make it easier to divide your collection up into sections.


  1. Foldable Closet Organizer

 wire storage basket

You can store almost anything in this foldable closet organizer, which has three different shelves to choose from. As well as being a good choice for your closet, it would also work well in your child’s bedroom or playroom. It can take a fair amount of weight, so you’ll find that you can add toys, accessories, or folded clothing to this organizer with no issues at all.


As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to organizing your closet this year. We highly recommend using a combination of the organizers we’ve shared above to keep each of your clothing items and accessories safe and sound in your closet. In no time at all, you’ll find your closet is much more organized, and you no longer spend hours each morning choosing your outfit for the day ahead.

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