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The Belt Organizer
The Belt Organizer
The Belt Organizer
The Belt Organizer

The Belt Organizer

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Acrylic Storage Container and Display for Belts, and Jewelry

Stores, Organizes & Displays
Saves Space
Closet Organizer

Mounts on Wall
High Quality
Showcases Designer Brand Products

Saves Space, Stores, Organizes, and Displays

    The Belt Organizer offers a unique belt storage solution by storing the belts rolled up. This way, all the belts are stored in a minimal amount of space, it's the best product to save space, store and organize belts on the market.
    It not only saves space, stores, and organizes belts, it is also a great display for your brand name accessories that you're most proud of.

Saves Closet Space and looks stylish

The Belt Organizer is the only product on the market that enables you to take your belts outside your closet to store and organize, it can be placed on your dresser top, countertop, or even mounted on any wall or door in your home. Taking your belts to be stored outside your closet gains space in the closet for other things which makes it a great closet organizer.
The way The Belt Organizer was designed was not just to save space, store, and organize. With a stylish look in mind, it was carefully designed so it can be used as a decorative item in your home.

Not just for Belts

Thanks to its sleek design, our Belt Organizer can be used for various other products, including Watches, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Office Supplies, Crafts, Martial Arts Belts, Electronic Accessories as chargers, Headphones, Batteries, and more.

Other Cool Features

Its clear front allows you to easily pick and choose your item whilst efficiently housing the others.
Drawers smoothly rotate 180 degrees for easy handling of your items.
It mounts on a wall and it even stacks up in case you’ve got more belts you want to show off and keep out of harm’s way.

With the Belt Organizer, you eliminate the need for a belt rack, watch case, jewelry organizer, jewelry case, make-up/cosmetics organizer, crafts organizer, tie rack, and other products out there.

Width: 5-1/2 in / 14.5 cm
Height: 12 in / 30.5 cm
Drawer Depth: 2 in / 5 cm

Weight: 34.5 oz / 980 gr

Materials: Acrylic & ABS


UPC: 869911000000

Belt Organizer is a patented product.

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