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Cable Tie
Reusable Cable Ties
Reusable Cable Ties
Reusable Cable Ties
Reusable Cable Ties
Reusable Cable Ties
Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable Cable Ties

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Why should you purchase this item?

These cable tie organizers are the perfect tools for keeping your cables tangle-free and organized, saving your effort, time and money! The resistant silicone and plastic pins allow you to fixate multiple cables at once, being extremely convenient and easy to use.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • 8 reusable cable ties, 40 pins and 45 labels;

  • Durable plastic and rubber;

  • Multiple purposes;

  • Can be used anywhere, office, home, server room;

  • Easy to use, smart design;

  • Allows you to identify and separate cables;

  • Prolongs cables life span;

  • Keeps them stretched and neat.

ADD TO CART NOW and fix an annoying problem with this easy and cheap solution!

SAY GOODBYE TO TANGLED CABLES: These reusable cable tie organizers are an excellent solution for your cable management, as they not only keep them stretched and neat, prolonging their life, but will also label and separate them for extremely easy identification!

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from superior quality silicone, these hook and loop cable tie straps are extremely durable and guarantee to withstand the test of time, they will not lose it’s grip or break like velcro tie straps. The cables will be sturdily fixated through a smart closing design, making sure they are protected at all times.

PRACTICAL & ERGONOMIC: Now, you don’t have to play the “Guess the cable” game every time you need to make an adjustment to your devices! These reusable cable zip ties come with 45 stickers which will allow you to constantly know which cable is which, saving up on your money, effort and nerves.

USE THEM ANYWHERE: Whether it’s for your office, for home use, for server rooms or professional IT working spaces, these cord wraps are the ideal solution for keeping your desk or living environment cables tangle-free and practically organized. These expandable ties are great to strap branches in your garden, won't hurt the tree while growing.

MULTIPURPOSE: Order this useful cable tie organizing set and you’ll receive 8 cable ties with 40 pins and 45 labels, which can be repurposed into various household aids. Use them to fixate all sorts of items, from flowers, chargers, umbrella, pencils and much more!

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