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Drip Free Toilet Brush
Drip Free Toilet Brush
Drip Free Toilet Brush
Drip Free Toilet Brush
Drip Free Toilet Brush

Drip-Free Toilet Bowl Brush

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DRIP FREE TOILET BRUSH: When you're done scrubbing, while still above your toilet bowl and before placing the toilet brush back on the floor, the attached holder caddy folds down and collects all the excess water drops from the brush. Your floors will always be safe from contaminated water.

VENTILATED DRIP CADDY: We know that germs love moist environments, so we designed the ventilated holder caddy to allow quick evaporation of water after every cleaning, thus keeping the germs at bay.

SPOUT FOR EASY WATER DRAIN: The drip caddy was designed with a spout that lets you drain any excess water with ease.

TWO IN ONE DESIGN: The sleek, portable toilet brush and holder is a two-in-one design, holder caddy is conveniently attached to its base and can be easily moved off the way when you need to clean the toilet bowl and just as quickly put back after you have finished.

DURABLE BRISTLES WITH GREAT REACH: The bristles on our brush are free from shedding, sturdy enough to clean your toilet thoroughly, but again gentle enough to not damage it. The bristles also give a great reach, even with the stubborn areas.

LONG LASTING BUILD: Our toilet brush features a heavy-duty ABS build that includes an ergonomic handle, wear-resistant gear, and a sturdy holder caddy, also made from ABS. So when it comes to longevity, this brush is guaranteed to have a long one.


Do you hate it when your toilet brush drips dirty water on the floor?

We do too, which is why we created a new kind of toilet brush that doesn't drip. It's called the Drip Free Toilet Brush and it's designed to keep your bathroom clean by keeping all excess water inside the caddy. The Drip Free Toilet Brush has an ergonomic handle for comfort and control, plus its unique design allows you to easily reach every corner of the bowl without making a mess. You'll love how easy it is to use our product!

Stop wasting time cleaning up after your old toilet brush and start using our product today! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don’t love our product we will give you your money back no questions asked.

Most Sanitary Toilet Brush

If you are looking for a sturdy and portable hygienic toilet brush that you can use to clean multiple bathrooms, this right here is the perfect one for you. Let us convince you why…

Effective Toilet Bowl Cleaning

A good toilet brush should first be good at cleaning a toilet. Otherwise, everything else it has is pretty much useless. It should also have good reach, sturdy bristles that do not shed, and a solid build. All these are boxes that our brush has ticked. It has good reach; it easily cleans under the toilet bowl. It has excellent bristles that are neither too hard nor too soft. The brush hairs are also easy to rinse after use. The build is also very sturdy, featuring an ergonomic ABS plastic handle, a sturdy ABS holder caddy, and a wear-resistant mechanism.

Unique Attached Caddy Design

The holder caddy attached to this brush's base is convenient and practical and manipulating it is virtually effortless. With the push of a button, the caddy folds out of your way when you want to use the brush and folds right back into a closed position after use. Any excess water drips on it, rather than on the floor. This is what makes our brush dripless.

Since the caddy is halfway open, all the excess water it has caught is allowed to evaporate quickly, thus maintaining a cleaner and odorless toilet bowl brush. Also, because of the brush's caddy and general portability, you can use it to clean multiple toilets in the same house without worrying about spilling contaminated all over the floors during transit.


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