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10 genius closet organizing ideas for 2017

1. The Belt Organizer – Organizer for belts and more
Belt Organizers

You still keep your belts in your closet? If you do then they’re probably looking messy and taking your precious closet space. When you start organizing your space, first steps should usually be removing whatever can be removed. This is the only products that lets you organize your belts outside of your closet, and it does it in magnificent way. You can store it on your dresser top or mount it on the wall. For added storage they can be mounted on top of each other. Also, as you can see it can be used for many other products or you can just mix it up, something like, belts, watches, jewelry, makeup, all in one. These are available directly  from ELYPRO website here


2. Under Bed Storage

This is another product that will help you free up space in your closet if you keep your blankets in the closet. Just pack it up and conveniently store it under the bed, easy pull out when you need it.  And its large handle and integrated label holder makes it a breeze to identify contents without or unzipping to see!


3. Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers slip onto a solid shelf in a closet to organize sweaters, towels, purses, linens and even the heaviest books. They’re ideal for keeping piles of folded clothes from toppling over or to organize and compartmentalize items stored on a shelf. They are available for purchase in wired or clear acrylic, depending on the taste.


4. Mesh Storage Drawers

Depending on your closet layout, these storage drawers are one inexpensive option for your closet, making your space organized, accessible and adds the option of having drawers, which can be used for a lot of things, from the linen and clothing to accessories and jewelry.


5. Linen Drawer Organizers

If you got the drawers in your closet these drawer organizers are a neat solution for keeping lingerie, undergarments, hosiery and accessories organized, visible, accessible and protected.


6. Smart Storage Space Up Hanger

This hanger is a great addition to your closet if you need to save space on your closet rod, even if you don’t. It  lets you organize hangers vertically and works with any type of hanger.


7. Clear Storage Boxes

Store everything from garments to linens to shoes while keeping them safe from pests and dust with Clear Storage Boxes. These boxes are made from clear plastic to provide uncompromised visibility of the contents.


8. Over the Door Accessory Organizer

Lets not forget about the storage space behind the closet door. This Over the Door Accessory Organizer features expandable pockets for easy storage of your shoes, accessories and handbags. Metal hooks fit over any standard door, allowing you to make the most of your vertical space.


9. Shoe Organizer

If you have a huge collection of shoes and like to keep them in your closet, then this might be the right product for you. Each piece has 12 compartments and they’re stackable, or can be placed next to each other. The organizer is also great for smaller purses and evening bags.



10. Grey Drop-Front Sweater Box

Last but not least, the Drop-Front Sweater Box pampers your sweaters, protecting against dust, and keeping them easy to access. When you stack multiple boxes, it’s always easy to access the contents, thanks to the drop-front opening. This is also a great solution for storing clutches and handbags.

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