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The Belt Organizer Evolution

The Belt Organizer idea started while organizing my bedroom. I was feeling good after getting my bedroom neat and organized, but there was one only thing that I did not have a solution for, my belts. All my belts were sitting on a closet shelf like a bunch of snakes, wasting my precious shelf space, looking cluttered, not handy at all, pulling on one belt would pull them all down each and every time.

I needed to do something about it and the only product for belts organization available on the market was a belt hanger, which hangs belts on the closet rod. That was an issue for me because I didn’t have any space available on my closet rod.

I looked online for a product that would allow me to have my belts rolled up and stored somewhere outside my closet, but no luck. It really got me surprised that there wasn’t even one product on the market that would help me with this issue, then it hit me “why not invent one, solve my problem and help the rest of the world with same”, and I got to work the dame day.

Cluttered Belts on shelf

This is how my closet looked back then.

I. Determined to create it

I got to work and used the first thing I could find in my kitchen. It was a rolled wafer can, it had the cylindrical shape that I needed and it was easy for modification, I was able to roll belt and insert them in, but that was just the beginning, this is how it looked.

II. Second model

This bellow is the second model that I made using PVC pipe (I called it tubular belt storage). The plan was to roll your belt and slide it down from the top down, the belt buckle would stay outside for easy selection. To get the desired belt you would just need to pull it, it would unroll. I found out that it wasn’t easy to use, it didn’t look that organized, impractical because pulling one belt would pull the others next to it, and it could also damage the belt when pulled due to friction. Bellow is the photo of the model.

Second attempt to create something awesome!

III. Third time the charm

Then I purchased some toilet paper holders, some plastic drawers, handles, hinges and other household items that had the shapes and sizes that I could use, and made a model shown below that was actually working and of which the final design was born. It helped me determine the door swing, hinge location, drawer size and depths etc. See the photo bellow.

The Belt Organizer Mark III

Third attempt gave me a clear picture of what the product should look and work like!

IV. Voila!

A month later the design was born, which followed with the prototypes. Everything looked perfect. We were so happy that we created something so awesome. From the rolled wafer can to the ultimate Belt Organizer.

The Belt Organizer Features


After a while, I realized that I haven’t only created an awesome belt storage, organizer and display, but that this product is awesome for many other products, including watches, jewelry, make up, bow ties, office supplies, accessories, crafts, karate belts, candies, toys and more. I am so proud that I have made a product that will make my and other people’s lives easier and more organized. It also made me become a serial inventor with multiple new products under development which I’ll share as soon as ready.

Organizer for belts and more


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